Beach Meditation
© by Mary DuParri, MA, LPC

(Read slowly, with long pauses for the breath work)

Imagine you are on a beach. As you settle your body into the sand, you close your eyes and feel the sun. You feel its warmth, its light, its healing energy and you begin to notice your breath. With each inhalation, invite the healing light of the sun to enter your body. Allow it to calm you, to soothe you, to heal you. With every breath in, invite the light to enter deeper, and to spread, as light can, to fill all areas within your body. To bring its healing warmth wherever it is needed. Invite the light to move toward any parts that feel tight, or blocked or troubled. These may be parts that are in physical pain or they may be parts that carry hurt or loss or sadness. Ask the light to touch the parts in whatever way they need, to fill them with healing energy. And as you breathe in more and more light, invite it to seek the light that dwells within you. Your light that carries your own calm, your own soothing, your own healing. And allow the two lights, the one from without and the one from within to become one. Breathing and feeling the sunlight connection.

From this place of connection with the light, begin to notice the ocean. The sound and the motion of the waves. Notice the constancy, the rhythm and the strength of the ocean. Notice its power. And as you breathe, invite the energy of the ocean to join with your breath and bring that rhythm, constancy and strength into your body. Invite it to move within you and to touch and heal any parts that would like to be bathed and strengthened by this natural ocean energy. Then, as you did with the light, invite the strength of the ocean to seek the ocean that dwells within you. The ocean that carries your own rhythm, your own constancy, your own power. And if it feels okay, allow the two oceans, the one from without and the one within to become one. Breathing and feeling the ocean connection.

Next, notice the sand beneath you. Feel its warm support. Notice how the earth holds you. And with each breath, invite the solid holding of the earth to enter your body. To hold any parts that need to feel the strong arms of earth supporting. Allow the strength of the wise earth to support you in any way you need. And as you are breathing in this support, going deeper and deeper with every breath, invite the strength of the earth to join with your own inner strength, your own solid holding and allow the two to become one. Breathing and feeling the earth connection.

And finally, before you open your eyes, and as you begin very gently to bring your attention back to the room, begin to sense the others around you. Their healing light, their rhythmic ocean, their solid earth-like holding. And if it feels okay, allow your light, your healing, your rhythm and your holding to become one with theirs. Breathing and feeling the Self connection. And as you bring your awareness back to the room, take one more deep breath and invite this feeling of connection to light, to ocean, to earth, to Self and others to remain with you throughout the day.

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